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“EventTickets” encapsulates a simple ethos: purchasing event tickets should be a seamless, intuitive experience. We’ve meticulously crafted a user-centric platform that boasts a vast inventory of millions of tickets to a multitude of local and national events. From concerts and sports to theater, tickets are conveniently classified by categories such as the team, performer, or location, ensuring an effortless search experience. Interactive seating charts further guarantee you’ll land the best views possible.

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Premium Tickets are offered by “EventTickets” Entertainment and provide additional benefits to enhance your concert experience. “EventTickets” owns and operates over 100 web portals and promotes over 35,000 concerts per year. Upgrade your experience with us today!

Premium Concert Tickets

Getting Your VIP Tickets

Premium concert tickets typically refer to concert tickets offering extra benefits beyond a standard ticket. These benefits can vary depending on the venue, the performer, or the specific event but may include things like:

  1. Better seating: Premium tickets often guarantee seats in a particular venue area, those that provide the best view of the stage or are closest to it.
  2. VIP access: Premium tickets can include access to VIP areas, which may feature amenities like private bars, restrooms, or seating areas.
  3. Meet-and-greets: Some premium tickets provide opportunities to meet the performers before or after the concert.
  4. Early access or priority entry: Premium ticket holders may be allowed into the venue before standard ticket holders, allowing them to secure better spots or avoid waiting in line.
  5. Merchandise: Premium tickets sometimes include merchandise, such as t-shirts, posters, or limited edition items.
  6. Access to exclusive events: These could be pre-show parties, after-parties, or other special events associated with the concert.

It’s important to note that not all concerts or performers offer premium tickets, and the specific benefits can vary widely. Always check the details before purchasing to ensure you’re getting what you expect.

Premium Theater Tickets

Getting Your VIP Tickets

Premium theater tickets, similar to premium concert tickets, offer additional benefits compared to standard tickets. This often comes at a higher cost but can greatly enhance your experience at a theater performance. Here are some standard features of premium theater tickets:

  1. Best Seats: Premium tickets typically provide the best seats in the house. These seats often offer an optimal view of the stage and are usually located in the orchestra section or front mezzanine in a theater.
  2. Advanced Booking: Premium ticket holders often can book tickets before they are available to the general public. This ensures they get the best seats and can plan their schedules well.
  3. VIP Access: Depending on the theater and show, premium tickets may offer access to exclusive areas such as VIP lounges. They might also include amenities like complimentary drinks or snacks, private restrooms, and more comfortable seating areas.
  4. Special Merchandise or Programmes: These tickets may come with special merchandise or exclusive programs related to the show.
  5. Flexibility: Some premium tickets offer flexibility in terms of changes and cancellations. This may not be a standard feature, but some theaters provide it.
  6. Meet and Greets or Backstage Tours: Depending on the show and the theater, some premium tickets offer unique experiences such as meet and greets with the cast or tours of the backstage area.

The specifics of what is offered with premium theater tickets can vary greatly depending on the venue, the production, and other factors. Always be sure to read the details before purchasing to ensure that the benefits are worth the extra cost for your particular circumstances.

Premium Sports Tickets

Getting Your VIP Tickets

Premium sports tickets, like a premium concert or theater, provide added perks and advantages that elevate ticket holders’ experience at a sports event. The exact benefits can vary greatly depending on the venue, the sport, and the specific event, but here are some common features: 

  1. Better Seating: Premium sports tickets often offer seating in prime locations, such as near the 50-yard line for American football games, behind home plate for baseball games, or at center court for basketball games.
  2. VIP Access: These tickets may provide access to VIP areas or boxes. These areas may have a better view of the game, more comfortable seating, or other amenities unavailable to standard ticket holders.
  3. Food and Beverage Service: Premium ticket holders often have access to exclusive food and beverage options; in some cases, these might be included with the ticket cost.
  4. Parking: Premium sports tickets often include reserved parking close to the venue, saving the trouble of finding a parking spot on game day.
  5. In-seat Service: Some premium tickets include in-seat service, where food, drinks, and merchandise can be delivered directly to your seat.
  6. Pre-game or Post-game Events: Premium ticket holders might have access to pre-game or post-game events like player meet-and-greets or be allowed to watch the players during warm-ups.
  7. Club Access: Some stadiums only have exclusive clubs or lounges for premium ticket holders. These often include comfortable seating, high-end food and drink options, and private restrooms.

As always, the specifics can vary widely from one event or venue to another, so it’s always a good idea to check what’s included before purchasing premium sports tickets.